Revolutions Per Minute RPM 


Produced by Aero5ol and Percy Zvomuya

23 October 2014 

The first ever Revolutions Per Minute RPM Session brought together Percy Zvomuya (writer), Biko (dj, poet, activist) and Aero5ol (spoken word, sound and urban artist) spinning selections from their vintage vinyl record collections at Njelele Art Station. 


Aero5ol describes Revolutions Per Minute RPM as  “a vinyl only event, an exploration of the country, the continent and the world through sonic vibration and musical experimentation. It is a seance, a homage through song and dance which aims to rouse sleeping spirits and invoke them using a format that has substance. It is our hope that these unnamed spirits are contained, concealed or embalmed in one of the old dusty vinyls that will be spun at this event.” 


The Revolution will not be televised!


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Revolutions Per Minute RPM Session

Aero5ol Tinofireyi Zhou, sound, spoken word and urban artist Photo © Tinashe Hwindingwi Photography