Shani Peters

The Crown

19 December 2014 - 30 January 2015

The Crown is an interdisciplinary public engagement project, which utilises reference to crowns and headdresses of various African, Indigenous American, and western cultures as a method of celebrating and exploring the concept of self-determination.


The Crown immerses viewers in an environment designed to make them feel energized and open to considering their personal autonomy in determining their sense of self, their understanding of the society they inhabit, and the ways in which they position themselves within it.


The Crown project at Njelele Art Station included a particpatory photo booth and installation, and later developed in the final weeks to include an exhibition of portrait photographs of the participants wearing crowns created by Peters. The project concluded with an open event where participants were invited to view and collect their portraits.


The Crown has been exhibited twice in Harlem New York in the 'If You Build It, No Longer Empty' show and at the new Sugar Hill Children Museum of Art & Storytelling. Following the installation at Njelele Art Station the project travelled to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.



Shani Peters is a multi-disciplinary New York-based artist (b. Lansing, MI). Her work reflects interests in community building, activism histories, and reinterpreted notions of media access and content. She has exhibited in the US and abroad and has completed numerous residencies. She is currently a Workspace Resident with Lower Manhattan Cultural Center in NYC.


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Crown Portrait

Photo © Shani Peters