Gwanza Month of Photography 2014

19 August to 19 November 2014

The 13th edition of Gwanza Month of Photography in collaboration with Njelele Art Station ran under the theme Moonwalking and featured over thirty photographers from Zimbabwe and the continent. Artists were invited to submit an alternative reality through lens-based media that moves beyond what has been dubbed Afro-pessimistic or clichéd images, which perpetuate a one-dimensional view of the continent. Instead, the idea was to capture images that shift the perspective of the viewer by transforming the mundane into the magical.


For the first time Gwanza Month of Photography was exhibited outside of a traditional art space; instead it took place in over twenty unconventional spaces across the city centre of Harare. The aim was to engage the general public by intervening in their daily routine through the display of photographic works in internal spaces where they spend periods of time waiting in reception areas, foyers, civil offices, hotel lobbies, doctors waiting rooms, bus stations, supermarkets etc.  These transitory spaces offered the opportunity for photography to be encountered in incidental impromptu contexts. The intention was to stretch the concept of gallery space by democratizing venues and exploding the colonial cartography of Harare. 



Participating Artists:


Ishola Akpo (Benin)

Paul Brezhnev Banda (Zimbabwe)

Charles Bhebhe  (Zimbabwe)

Lucy Broderick  (Zimbabwe)

Seydou Camara (Mali)

Mimi Cherono Ng’ok (Kenya)

Steven Chikosi (Zimbabwe)

Knowledge Chingwecha (Zimbabwe)

Fatoumata Diabaté  (Mali)

Saïdou Dicko(Burkina Faso)

Walter Fernandes (Angola)

Richard Goma (Congo Brazzaville)

Angela Jimu (Zimbabwe)

Davina Jogi (Zimbabwe)

Cynthia Matonhodze (Zimbabwe)

Wallace Mawire (Zimbabwe)

Felix Masi (Kenya)

Teresa Meka (Ghana)

Bongy Mhkobeni (South Africa)

Temba Middelman (South Africa)

Madoda Mkhobeni (South Africa)

Mpho Mokgadi (South Africa)

Baudouin Mouanda (Congo Brazzaville)

Annie Mpalume (Zimbabwe)

KB Mpofu (Zimbabwe)

Hazel Mshairi (South Africa)

Nancy Mteki (Zimbabwe)

Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi (Zimbabwe)

Mwanzo Mwalinga (Tanzania)

Christopher Nelson (Nigeria)

Neo Ntsoma (South Africa)

Jamal Nxedlana (South Africa)

Nyamupenza Nyadzombe (Zimbabwe)

Watson Ofumeli (Zimbabwe)

Mauro Pinto (Mozambique)

Ican Ramageli (Senegal)

Martin Stewart  (Zimbabwe)

Mavis Tauzeni (Zimbabwe)

Ibrahima Thiam (Senegal)

Andrew Tshabangu (South Africa)

Tito Valery (Cameroon)

Taweredzwa Zhou (Zimbabwe)


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Installation view

Fatoumata Diabaté (Mali) Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences Photo © Georges Senga