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2019 ongoing

Echoing stones. Taking inspiration from ancient sound technology at Great Zimbabwe, where mujejeje[i](lithophone) rocks that when beaten would produce a ringing sound that would echo throughout the valley, signalling warning, warfare, spirituality (ritual), healing, astronomy and music. Located in various sites across Zimbabwe, such as Matopos and Ziwa, as well as throughout the continent (Algeria, Libya, Uganda, Kenya Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Zambia and Malawi[ii]), the radio stones[iii]would transmit an important range of information over long distances forming sophisticated broadcast communication networks.


mujejeje is an ongoing project that seeks to connect space/s through sound across Africa and its diasporas. We are seeking sonic contributions from friends and partners based on thinking around space (entity/city/country)at the intersection of memory, resilience and geography. The idea is to form a constellation of transmission points (inter-)connected in a sonic network, broadcasting disruptive frequencies in entangled waves, echoing across time and African airspace.


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