26 October 2013 - 28 February 2014

Afropolicity took place on the interior and exterior walls of Njelele Art Station, as an exploration of the urban identity and cultural personality of our cities and society in Zimbabwe. 


Inspired by a poem entitled Afropolicity, Combing the streets by spoken word and urban artist Tinofireyi Zhou, the exhibition defied the conventions of the quintessential white cube and artist working in seclusion to interrogate the role and position of the artist in the broader context of the city, the country and the world.  Various artists created work in public spaces in and around Njelele Art Station, demonstrating a participatory public art practice that generated public interaction. The 25 pieces on show revealed a desire for reflection, discussion and social response.  



Participating Artists:


Breeze Yoko (SA)

Calvin Dondo                       

Misheck Masamvu                       

Gareth Nyandoro                      

Portia Zvavahera                                   

Masimba Hwati

Tafadzwa Gwetai

Munyaradzi Mazarire

Gideon Gomo

Nancy Mteki

Shannon Murphy

Gresham Nyaude           

Wycliffe Mundopa

Yutaka Hirose (Japan)

Martin Stewart


Isheanesu Dondo 

Blak Phar-I

Tinofireyi Zhou

Erhuardt Muchemwa            

Nick Monro         

Ray Dizz           


Spoken word and music artists:


Sista Zai Zanda

Barbara Breeze Andersen

Monkey Nuts



© 2013 - 2018 Njelele Art Station 

Installation view

Martin Stewart, Resist, 2013 Nancy Mteki, Club Saratoga, 2013 Misheck Masamvu, Fucked, 2009-13 Photo © Njelele Art Station